All About Aoi Todo Jujutsu Kaisen.

All About Aoi Todo Jujutsu Kaisen.

Today we are again going to brag about another character from the Jujutsu kaisen anime series.  It will be all about Aoi todo jujutsu kaisen.

He is from Kyoto Jujutsu High School and is a third-year student. Aoi todo is a kind of self-centered personality and of grade-one jujutsu sorcerer. From the first gaze, he seems to be a battle-crazed guy. But it is not all that there is another side of him that he usually keeps hidden. Aoi Todo in jujutsu kaisen anime is extremly a brilliant character. His IQ level is 3000 times more than to any other person’s.

Aoi todo jujutsu kaisen age is about 18 years and his gender is male. He first appeared in jujutsu kaisen manga in chapter 16 and the series, episode 6. His appearance is quite attractive because of his very defined muscular body. Or we can say that he is one of the fit dudes. His preferences are the girls like big boobs and butts like Nobuko Tadaka-chan as same as Yuji’s crush jujutsu kaisen jennifer lawrence.

WHAT is the strength of Aoi todo jujutsu kaisen?

Despite not being born in a sorcerer family, Aoi Todo is ranked one of the strongest Jujutsu High Students and he also possesses a huge amount of cursed energy which he often uses to strengthen his physical attacks.

Who are the main rivals of todo jujutsu kaisen?

Aoi’s main and utmost rivals are Hanami, jujutsu kaisen jogo, Mahito, and Geto Suguru. But I presume that there are a number of enemies of Todo because he shows off too much and some are envious. So there could be a list of enemies for Aoi todo jujutsu kaisen.

Battle skills and abilities of Todo jujutsu kaisen.

Todo is an extremely strong Jujutsu Sorcerer and undoubtedly the strongest student of  Kyoto Jujutsu High School. We can assume him to be the strongest sorcerer because of the fact that he belongs from a non-sorcerer family and had obtained grade-1 jujutsu sorcerer rank.

Todo has defeated five grade-one spirits and a special grade-one curse without using his curse technique when Geto Suguru attacked at Kyoto School. This rumor spread all around the jujutsu community and he became famous.

But it’s not just a rumor it is true, We have seen him fighting in the heated battle against Hanami when he instantly analyzed Hanami’s all moves and countered them. A round of applause for the Boogie Woogie technique. Hanami was such a fool that he judge Aoi as a weaker opponent. But Aoi remained dominant in the fight.

Aoi todo jujutsu kaisen appears to be a fool at the first glance but there is a cunning person behind that foolish face, Yes he is a highly intelligent person. Aoi claims that he acquired an  IQ of  530,000. who knows! But he was able to review all moves of Hanami and sought to defend himself against Hanami’s attack within just 0.01 secs. Additionally, he taught Yuji the basics of jujutsu within such a shorter period of time when they were having a fight against each other.

Yet, there are a lot of hideous things that we are unaware of about Aoi todo jujutsu kaisen. Which I will further unleash with ya guys when season 2 the current series will be released until then go and watch some anime like Jujutsu kaisen.