Jujutsu Sorcerer: Toge Inumaki.

Jujutsu Sorcerer: Toge Inumaki
Toge Inumaki
Inumaki Sempai

Today we are about to unleash another supporting character of Jujutsu Kaisen: Toge Inumaki.

Well, Communication is an invaluable gift. It grants ppl to connect with each other. But ppl often think that talking is the only way to communicate with others. Several forms of communication are there that includes gestures, body language, facial expressions, and more, like in animals.

In anime, certain characters have different ways to communicate and express themselves, which is usually creative and fun. But why always does this vail guy Toge inumaki speak randomly? Not just randomly but also utter odd words like Salmon, Mustered oil, and peanut butter. Some would say IDK and some will say he’s deaf or dumb. Na it’s not that.

Then what are the reasons let’s find out!

inumaki the curse speech sorcerer

Is toge inumaki jujutsu kaisen deaf and dumb?

Our Jujutsu Sorcerer Toge Inumaki uses his cursed speech to communicate as well as his jujutsu technique. He appears as a distant boy and also somewhat intimidating. He is a second-year student from Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College.

Certain Jujutsu Sorcerer have unique techniques in Jujutsu kaisen anime series. One of those sorcerers is Toge Inumaki. Toge is not deaf or dumb but is one the strongest students of Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College.

Toge is a sorcerer with above-average fortitude, tolerance, and endurance. His agility is kind of far enough, which we have seen in jujutsu kaisen episode 18 when he was against a special-grade curse called Hanami. With just uttering two cursed words “Blast away”.

He smashed him.

Toge Inumaki is not the one, destitute from the power of speech but he utters articulate words to communicate and to curse. Don’t call him deaf or dumb.

I have reminded the scene of jujutsu kaisen episode 18. When Toge cast a sleep spell on miwa jujutsu kaisen. Right at that moment, Miwa Kasumi fell asleep. And he said; Tuna with Mayo to Megumi, he was actually asking to make a call.

What are the cursed abilities of Toge inumaki jujutsu kaisen?

Underneath this boy, there is an aloof persona. Toge is the descendent of the Inumaki clan and is inherited with rare and powerful cursed speech technique that allows him to compel both humans and curses, to obey.

Belonging from the Inumaki clan, he possesses a “Snake and Fangs” seal around both sides of his mouth and on his tongue. This makes him pervade his words with cursed energy. Using cursed energy on his words allows Toge to compel anyone according to his will. When he says stop one will stop. Instead, he doesn’t utter such words but he does say tuna, Bonito flakes, kelp, or rice balls.  Oh gosh em starving

Inumaki jujutsu kaisen is considered as one of the strongest and respected jujutsu student after Aoi todo jujutsu kaisen. Toge is a semi-grade1 sorcerer, Next to Aoi. While Aoi Todo is a semi-grade sorcerer 1 and is a third-year jujutsu student. So toge inumaki is the second strongest student in Jujutsu High Tech

Inumaki toge is a highly intellect student with high endurance that has given him a strong position among jujutsu students and some of his rivals also praise him. Toge is a blessed Jujutsu Sorcerer with great battle potential. Because he knows better, how to wield his cursed technique.

Toge Inumaki possesses a high level of endurance because his cursed speech technique requires a large amount of stamina. Overusing his cursed energy causes him extreme throat irritation and even a blood cough. That’s why toge carries cough syrups around to treat his throat.