Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 18 Fights Review

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 18

The start of the Jujutsu kaisen episode 18  was quite epic and astonishing. The appearance of the special grade curse Hanami and the battle between Megumi and Nortishi Kamo and then the special vail which stop Satoru from becoming a part of the battle and then the tricks played by the rivals gave the required thrill to the watcher.

In jujutsu kaisen episode 18 the dilemma was full of surprises. We have seen a lot of suspense and then saw the amazing power of Satoru Gojo in the form of Nora Saki.

Because a lot of the mysteries have been relieved in the current episode.

So, what is there to look for? Surely much of it would be, we know that there is more of it than we assume and I can surely tell you that there will be more of it than we can say or think. Cause Gege Akutami has plans.

What would be his plans for Jujutsu Kaisen?

What were the astonishing jujutsu kaisen episode 18 fights?

jujutsu kaisen episode 18 fights

The Goodwill Battle in jujutsu kaisen episode 18 between Megumi and Noritoshi didn’t end that well because of the intruding of special grade curse Hanami. Being chased by the charged arrows with cursed energy Megumi rushed into a temple building.

Although he gave a miss to the majority of them as they crash into the environment, Noritoshi kept firing arrows. Megumi ended up with two arrows behind him, but he was able to catch them with the help of his cursed energy and a bloodstain covering the wall when he broke the tip of an arrow.

At the beginning of jujutsu kaisen episode 18, Megumi recognized that the Noritoshi arrow’s trajectory was unaffected by the law of Physics. There Noritoshi said not to insult him by being using such pathetic shikigami and summon another one as compensation.

In Kyoto, a student came to know that the arrows were pre-prepared for Noritoshi and Megumi said, he won’t help anymore if he collapse from Blood loss.

Since they all were from Big Three Sorcerer Families, each of them was well aware of the other’s techniques.

Megumi was quite able to summon ten different shinigami by using shadows because he was Inherited the Ten Shadows Technique from The Zenin Family. On the other hand, the Blood Manipulation technique was passed to Noritoshi from the Kamo family, who has full control over his own blood.

Jujutsu kaisen episode 18 was the most amazing one in all of the series just because of special grade Hanami. Because everyone was waiting for Gojo Satoru to exorcist Hanami.  And the moment was mindblowing on its own when he actually did it but Hanami survived.

As a distraction Noritoshi breaks the ceiling with his last arrow, within an instant, Noritoshi descends the stair and throw a hit right at Megumi. Astonished by Noritoshi’s powers, Megumi was unable to stop his continuous attacks despite the cursed energy defense.

The intruding of Mahito and other curse users in the event changed the whole scenario.

Toge Inumaki and Hanami Fight in jujutsu kaisen episode 18.

Meanwhile, Toge Inumaki who was dealing with his own daredevils at the other side of the event felt a powerful presence of a cursed- energy that was actually assigned to kill Itadori Yuji. This spirit suddenly got killed by another special-grade cursed Hanami.

Maito and the other curse user invaded the jujutsu tech school and prepare to commence their plan. Special-grade- curse Hanami was their game opener. That scene was quite epic in jujutsu kaisen episode 18 where Toge Inumaki and Hanami opposed each other.

Out in the hall, Nortoshi and Megumi were trying to knock out each other, but their fight was suddenly interrupted by a bunch of huge branches driven by the special grade curse Hanami.

Besides this, Inumaki Senpai alerts both of them to run away.

The curse speech of Inumaki-san hold up Hanami for a bit longer so that they could flee.

The curse speech of Inumaki-san hold up Hanami for a bit longer so that they could flee.

All of the three realizes that they are no match with this special grade curse.

The teachers in the observation caban get alerted that there has been an interruption in the exchange event.

Hanami was strong enough that he destroyed Inkumaki’s curse speech ability within an instant. Noritoshi realizes they all would be killed if they do not reunite with others.

Afterwards, Hanami knocked out all three of them, but Megumi again tried to beat Hanami there Toge stopped him and tossed out  Hanami with his single cursed speech word “blast away”. Then he runs out of his limit and came on his knees.

Hanami described his attentions that he only wanted humans to die so that they could become sages for the planet earth. As we have heard before from Joujo’s that they are the true humans.