Jujutsu Kaisen Jennifer Lawrence Yuji’s Crush

Jennifer Lawrence the popular American Actress Ah! What a beauty!

A number of guys have indulged in her charm and one of the victims is our Itadori Yuji.
We have heard her name a lot of times in the anime series jujutsu kaisen Jennifer Lawrence.

It was often said by Itadori Yuji that he likes Jennifer Lawrence. Who else won’t like that beauty, one whose net worth is millions of dollars?

In the series Jujutsu Kaisen, they showed the continuous love obsession of Itadori for Jennifer Lawrence.
The actress had worked in hit movies like “ The Hunger Games” as the main protagonist. In another movie” Passengers’ in which she had acted as Aurora Lane with the supporting character Chris Pratt as“Jim Preston”.

jujutsu kaisen jennifer lawrence

Jujutsu Kaisen Jennifer Lawrence Yuji’s Crush

That moment was hilarious when Yuiji proclaimed his love for Jennifer Lawrence while introducing himself to the Principle Yaga of his new school in jujutsu kaisen Jennifer Lawrence episode 2. And back to episode 15 when Itador was asked by Todo during Exchange Event’s Battlegroup, what his type is and he responded to him “That he likes tall girls with big butts…..like Jennifer Lawrence”.

This confession from Itadori switched on something in Todo’s mind and he asked him to be his fierce friend. Well thanks to jujutsu kaisen Jennifer Lawrence, she saved Itadori’s life because Todo was the opponent of Yuiji and he was way stronger than Yuji. There Todo also confessed his feelings for Tadaka- chan. The main fact is that the obsession of Itadori with jujutsu kaisen Jennifer Lawrence trips such a reaction which proves one of the best running gags in the anime series.

Jujutsu Kaisen Jennifer Lawrence Yuji’s Crush

The reference to the actress originally had appeared in the manga and its inclusion in the anime made it more significant and it can be possible that Akutami had seen her films or what if he really likes Jennifer Lawrence.
One more thing to add to the line is that Itadori Yuji was not the only one who had a keen interest in western actors, because when this question was asked by others at the end of the episode. Nishimiya Momo spoke about Sebastian Stan. She has also followed him on Instagram and other social media apps.

Hopefully, as it may, we will see another similar obsession in the near future.
But to be honest, I’m looking forward to seeing more of Itadori Yuji and jujutsu kaisen Jennifer Lawrence’s love play. What if he actually meets her in the anime for real?
Well, my best wish for him……..that’s not gonna happen.
But it is one of the best gags of the anime Itadori’s Jennifer Lawrence Obsession.

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