The Climax of Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 16.

The Climax of Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 16

Panda and Mechamaru were the subjects of jujutsu kaisen episode 16. Afterward, the fight between Yuji and Aoi, there begins at the climax of episode 16.

An “artistic community” quote in the episode says that “if you don’t have the sight that can judge quality, then you can’t create nothing of worth with your hands.”

It was truly said for Yuji in jujutsu and he does possess that sight so he can easily see Aoi’s counter-attacks. However, Aoi was that capable of getting the best out of Yuji. Todo Aoi showed to be a fierce and knobhead guy. But he proved that he is way smarter than that. ( when he fought). He actually sought out Yuji’s divergent fist problem.

The Climax of Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 16
jujutsu kaisen episode 16

Yuji’s feat was good enough for a low-level sorcerer but not far from a special-grade curse.
Todo and Yuji were alike. Both are wranglers, But both are also brilliant at the same time when fighting especially.


Aoi taught him that flowing curse energy is what most sorcerers always do. So it is important for Yuji not to speed up his aura. At least he learned how to control his cursed energy.
At the same time, they both were fighting and became fierce friends. There was another party, which was just about to be engaged.

Panda and Mechamaru, jujutsu kaisen episode 16

In jujutsu kaisen episode 16, when Panda and Nobara caught Momo, Mechamaru attacked Panda from the back. At that moment Momo engaged with Nobara.

Mechamaru thought that Panda just fainted but Panda got up and started to punch him.

Panda himself revealed that he is a hybrid Cursed Corpse. While Mechimaru is a puppet controlled by a sorcerer named Kokichi.

The Climax of Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 16

Kokichi felt envious because of mere panda freedom. Because he is disabled and uses witchcraft for his purpose while the panda is a healthy individual. Mechamaru thought that he was more deserving than the panda. He attacks with his full energy. But unfortunately, the panda survives and then he reveals his true strength the “Gorilla Mode”

Once Yaga(the teacher of Panda) reminisced, told Panda that he had two older siblings, a sister, and a brother. Together it makes a tri-core bond. To defeat Mechamaru, Panda must’ve attacked each of his three cores……………

At the last Panda strikes Mechamaru and tears his head………………..

This was the climax of jujutsu kaisen episode 16.
I have skipped the lines so that you could see for yourself what really happened, not spoiling the mood. See for yourself to enjoy the full peak.


With that said, stay tuned for more!